Groundbreaking research, development
and methodology. End to end production process

Complex, Artistic


A new method of rotationally moulding, hollow, lightweight objects as a single step process. This is being done by our company in a variety of mediums, mostly not attempted before by other industrial processes.

Natural, Composite


Front-end intellectual property around special finishes in a single step process cast into products rather than applied to external surfaces.

Finishes include: Natural sand, retro, granite, marbles, high fashion

A Complete Process

In Action

Download PDF of Rokisa Business Overview here.

Design for Life co. Ltd is a design to production company. We have a team whose skills are indicative of our business model. Our business is working towards a model of designing products from market research, then applying a unique rapid replication process that allows for market testing. This may then proceed on to brand development and scaled production.


Key Benefits
of using the Unique design For Life
Production System



Our model provides a cost effective method for the development and prototyping of new products for market testing, prior to making a commitment to expensive tooling and production 
processes and costs.
This is achieved by low costs for mould making and small production runs.

Time Reduction

A single step approach eliminates joining parts or the application of finished surfaces. Dependent on the medium, this method allows for reduced time in moulds.

Cost Reduction

By providing a single step process, other production processes may not be required. This is achieved by casting the finish directly into the product

Design Diversity

Our production process removes considerable design constraints found in other production systems. Our special skills allows the reproduction of complex shapes found in artworks or components that normally require multi piece mouldings.


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