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Creative Director


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Rokisa International Ltd
C/- Design for Life Co Ltd

198 Hastings Street,
Napier, 4110
Hawkes Bay,
New Zealand.

Unique Skills, Unique Processes, Proven Capability.

Our business developed from a cottage industry owned and operated by NZ designer Iain Trousdell. Iain studied under John Wilkes (the inventor of an Ecology based product knows as Flowforms) between 1976 - 1979. This inspired the development and production of Flowforms in New Zealand. The use of concrete as a material limited its export commercial viability.
The business restructured in 2002 with a staged investment plan and a new vision to develop a global export business spear headed by the development of the Flowforms brand. A new production process was researched and developed to enable the achievement of this. Flowforms can now be provided in a light weight, artistic composite or natural finish. The result is a wide range of cost saving and value added advantages that can be applied not only to our own products but across multiple products and across other industries.


A Talented and Experienced Team

We have a team whose skills include model and pattern makers, artists, designers and mould makers. Because we understand every step, from conceptual design to production we can be involved at any stage of your project. We have proven capability in the creation and production of unique products from a variety of development techniques and methods, these include:

  • Design and Finish possibilities
  • Model and Mould Making
  • Prototype creation
  • Rotational Composite Casting
  • Rotational Sand Casting
  • Rotational Casting of industrial parts and panels.
  • and other processes.

Since 1979 Design for Life has been designing and manufacturing the Flowforms brand and delivering to clients Internationally.


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