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A Case Study of Flowforms in Action.

The Flowforms design process requires an intimate scientific and artistic understanding of water movement, plus the working knowledge of how to create surfaces for water to flow in a circular motion while flowing downstream, thereby creating a figure-of-eight streaming rhythm. Flowforms are highly artistic, complex shapes, they also need to be light and strong and beautifully moulded and finished.

The Process

Once the original Flowform has been made, with water running through clay or plasticene sculptures they are replicated using a variety of techniques to form a master part. This would then be tested and refined. This would then proceed on to a high quality but cost effective gelcoated aluminium trihydrate mould being made.

Our production system would then be utilised for a small production run. These products are then distributed for market testing by our apointed agents and distributors. orms. Flowform products are handcrafted to a high quality finish, ready to be sent anywhere on the planet to do their work for water.

The Finishes

Liquid Jades and Black Granites are one quarter the weight of stone, extremely long lasting, very strong, stable in very high and low temperatures and are easily maintained.
Along with popular natural sands we have composite based granite, jade and marble effects available. The materials used in Flowforms are inert and hygienic, not reducing any of the beneficial properties of the water

The Prestige Series Monarch Flowform

Just Add Water Series Kotuku Flowform

Just Add Water Series Cloverleaf Flowform


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