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Experience the Benefits of Our Unique Production Process and end to end Capabilities.

Since 2003, our business has moved to a staged model of designing and creating products from market research and market testing. Our unique production method has allowed us to make significant cost savings over and above traditional methods of production. We can bring a product quickly to a position of market testing. This presents an opportunity to shorten market acceptance and shorten lead times to larger scale production.


We have a business model in place that combines traditional sculptural methods followed by highly skilled replication and then the use of leading edge technology to reproduce such pieces. This is similar to what has been adopted in sectors of the automotive industry. The use of technology is a crucial component but we are constantly aware and challenged by appropriate use of technology. In most cases traditional "hands on" design approach is far more cost and time effective than any technological one currently available. The result also is a blend of skills and people from creative design to highly qualified technical staff.  This all results in our ability to bring complex products such as Sculptural Art to a commercial reality.

Design for Life was founded on the design, manufacture and worldwide support of the Flowform brand. Newly developed products (such as the Kotuku) are based on market research planning and implementation.

Flowforms demonstrate our end-to-end capability of product creation through to manufacture. This suits products that can leverage our unique rotational moulding process of casting complex three-dimensional shapes.

Market Testing

Careful listening to the market and consumers has seen the introduction of a range of totally new products being developed by Design for Life. Using our methodology we are able to develop a concept from market feedback,  rapidally model, replicate and produce prototypes to confirm market acceptance of that concept.
We are well positioned to continue such work for our own brand development and for other companies looking to gain leverage in a similar way.

Market testing is crucial for any business. The model we have adopted allows us to cost and time effectively introduce new and existing concepts to market. This allows for an informed decision before outlaying considerable money for mass or mltiple production costs.


The result of three years research and development around the techniques of composite rotational moulding and special finishes has resulted in a unique production model.

The case study of replicating Flowform products through this model has highlighted numerous applications and possibilities both technically and commercially.

How it works

This new casting process gives rise to many innovative cost effective solutions above other existing casting methods which are presently inefficient regarding time and process.

Design for Life has developed considerable knowledge around thermoset rotational moulding. This requires the development of surface finishes being cast as a skin as a single peice object. The object is then reinforced by the building of subsequent internal layers. The result allows for the creation of simple or complex, hollow, three dimensional products, using both resins and natural materials

Presently much of the thermoset and stone composite industry is limited to simple multiple surface castings, which then require joining. These products then often require surface coating and are normally cast solid and therefore are heavy and cumbersome.


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